Teakwood sandstone is a beautiful natural stone, which is cream yellow colored and bears beautiful patterns , the pattern is clear, and the color is elegant, like the annual circle of a thousand-years old tree’s . The teakwood sandstone is told that can be breathe, healthy, green and environmental .  it is ideal for both interior and exterior flooring as well as the wall cladding in residences and commercial buildings , especially the garden ornaments . 

As a natural stone, its color and pattern are naturally formed. The pattern and base color is different in each blocks, this is why sometimes a sample can not stand for all of the finished products, color variation is exist . 

Influenced by the geological environment, the teakwood sandstone originated in southwest of China , The grain is fine and the texture is soft . however , teakwood sandstone from the north of China , it is thick grains and very hard texture . there are different pattern styles on the surface ,some are regular , some are disorderly ,we can supply different types according to your taste.  

Due to the limitation of natural stone properties, surface with the spots, color lines, holes, and gaps are its natural beauty, not the quality issue. Unless you are looking for something like the artificial stone .  It is strong anti-folding and low water absorption, easy to install, good acid resistance, against to any bad weather, heat and frost resistance.

Teakwood sandstone is the perfect option for outdoors and the best choice for durability. With the proper care, it will last a life time .

Teakwood Sandstone Gallery

Eastwood stone has been specialized on teakwood sandstone many years , as a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, not only we produce the standard sizes for various type of sandstone products , but also the customized and thickness can be available ,all of our products can be highly personal customized . Especially like the sculpture , outdoor ornaments , bench tops etc .  we get the blocks from the quarry directly . The standard sizes such as 200x200 mm, 400x400 mm, 300x300 mm, 300x600 mm, 400x800 mm, with thickness at 20mm, 30mm, 40 mm .  thickness tolerance +-1mm or +-2mm to meet the different quality standard  .

The teakwood sandstone also available in large blocks , normal sizes for slabs can be 1200 mm (up ) x 2400 mm (up ) .